The only dual headed spray wand

Invented by a veteran of the painting industry and an aerospace engineer with over 30 years experience


reduce application spray time by 50% while not compromising on quality


Introducing the only dual headed spray wand by spraydex. Now a spray wand that cuts your spray time labor in half through new dual headed application technologies we have engineered and patented for the powerful painter. 

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For the years I have been in business there is not a lot that impresses me but after a demonstration of the dual headed spray wand we purchased 20 of them.
— Sanders and Wohrman, General Manager
On our first day using the dual headed spray wand, we went from 7 to 11 units in one day! and then 12 the following day.
— Streamline Finishes, General Superintendent

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Empower your painters with speed, accuracy and comfort.